Give A Generous Thanks to Those Who Keep Your Business Running

Has your computer system ever gone down when you were in the middle of a major, essential project?  Maybe you didn’t lose your data but still important elements of your system suddenly went on strike when least expected.  Even worse, the failure could cost you a major contract, a paycheck, a chance at a scholarship or a great commission because you can’t turn out the needed paperwork.  It’s happened to all of us at one time or another; it is one of the hazards we face living in this high-tech era.  And what did you do to express your gratitude to that “techie” who – fortunately for you – was willing to come to your place of work (home, school or business) and get you up and running again, often at the cost of his or her personal family time, dinner or evening home?


I’ve been in that circumstance more than once.  And I can assure you that having someone who provides that kind of service is worth far more than just cash you pay.  Indeed, that person is in truth the hidden support that keeps you operating.  One breakdown was all it took for me to learn never to let my system go unattended again.  I also learned that top notch service is worth far more than you pay.  Now I gratefully reward those who help keep my business operating.  I will occasional send them special “thank you” gifts of appreciation; letting them know their assistance is far more valuable to me than just a bill.  I will send each of them a bottle of wine, a special gourmet gift basket or fruit arrangement that my computer technicians and specialists can share with family.  I order them online from Harry & David; often using a Groupon to cover part of the price and to assure delivery.

Occasionally staff members ask why I am so generous.  I tell them that if these guys weren’t available and willing to work at a moment’s notice we might all find ourselves on the unemployment line.  So when they go out of their way to help us out we owe them a sincere expression of our gratitude.  After all, maybe doctors don’t do house calls anymore, but there are some really good computer system specialists who still do.